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Ten Squared || そうしょりゅう

Highlights on the Kunoichi

Tenten (テンテン)
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Welcome to ten_squared home of the only kunoichi from Team Gai, Tenten.


Tenten is defensive love.

1. No off-topic posts. It must relate in some way, shape or form, to Tenten.
2. Promoting is fine, just don't overdo it. It grates on peoples nerves at times.
3. Introductory posts aren't required, only do so if you want to.
4. No bashing/flaming of any other members. Doing so will only result to an automatic ban. Try to stay friendly.
5. Fanfiction, fanart, doujinshi, pictures, icons and wallpapers should all be under LJ-cut. Teasers are fine, but please limit it.
6. Other than that, that is all, just remember to have fun, since that is the aim of the community.

Post regarding rules found here. Please read.

Check out the people who won our contests/challenges here.

Maintainer: shyunpo
Moderator: starswing
Moderator: kitsu_hime
Moderator: blooming_cosmo

Tenten Fanlisting:
Tenten Shrine:
Neji x Tenten: nejiten
Neji x Sakura: nejisaku
Naruto x Tenten: naru_ten
Sakura Fans: sakura_chyan
Shikamaru x Sakura: shikasaku
Tsunade Fans: elegantrage
Tenten Icontest: tenten_stills

If you wish to become an affiliate, please contact one of the mods or reply to any of their latest posts within the community. Thank you.

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